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J-Physics 2017: International Workshop on Multipole Physics and Related Phenomena

The J-Physics project will host the 1st International Workshop on the Multipole Physics and Related Phenomena in September 2017 at the stage near the halfway point of the project. This workshop aims at presenting the outcomes of research activities of this Innovative Area both in and outside Japan, and expanding the international exchange and cooperation activities. We look forward to your active participation and presentation.

  • Dates: September 24 (Sun.) 16:00 〜 September 28 (Thu.) 12:00, 2017
  • Venue: Hachimantai Royal Hotel
    590-5 Daiichichiwari, Matsuoyoriki, Hachimantai-shi, Iwate 028-7394, Japan
  • Important Dates:
    ・June 2017: Registration Opens
    ・July 15, 2017: Presenter Registration Deadline
    ・July 2017: Workshop Program Announcement
    ・August 10, 2017: Registration and Extended Abstract Submission Deadline
  • Workshop Fees:
    ・Participation: Free
    ・Banquet: 10,000 JPY
     (The price is reduced by 3,000 JPY for the guests of Hachimantai Royal Hotel)
    ・Bus Excursion: 3,000 JPY
  • Accommodation:
    All participants are basically required to stay at Hachimantai Royal Hotel. Please make a room selection on Registration Form.
  • Excursion
    September 26, 13:00 - 18:00
    Bus tour for Yakebashiri Lava Flow
  • Banquet
    September 26, 18:30 - 21:00
    Hachimantai Royal Hotel
  • Payment
    Participants are requested to pay the expenses using a credit card or cash on site.
  • Topics:
    ・Quadrupole, octupole, and higher order multipole ordering
    ・Quantum phase transition and quantum criticality
    ・Anomalous pairing superconductivity
    ・Exotic phenomena caused by parity violation
     (Parity mixing, antisymmetric spin-orbit interaction, odd-parity multipoles)
    ・Dynamical response generated by augmented multipoles
    ・New materials with strong spin-orbit coupling
    ・Experimental techniques to detect multipoles
  • Satellite Workshop:
    "Physics of Uranium based Superconductors"
    September 29 ? 30, 2017 at Tokai Ibaraki


Please click the button below and complete the Registration Form to register for your participation. When you need to make corrections on the form you submitted, please register again, stating the details of your correction in a comment box. If you need to cancel your participation, please inform us via e-mail at (please replace _@_ by @).
Note that you will be charged cancellation fees for banquet, excursion and accommodation, if you cancel them after 17:00 p.m. (Japan time) on September 15.

Abstract Submission:

Please download and use the following abstract template to complete your abstract. Click the button below, and submit source and pdf files of your abstract allocating a filename as “firstname_familyname.docx/tex/pdf”. If you need to make a revision, please resubmit the revised version with the same filename.

Abstract template can be downloaded here.

Workshop Poster