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J-Physics 2018: Summer School & International Workshop on New Materials and Crystal Growth

The aim of these successive academic meetings is to discuss the recent progress on the physics of multipole conductive systems in f- and d-electron compounds. In the workshop, the main topics are crystal growth and new materials to open up the frontiers of research area. The summer school focuses on more broad and tutorial topics which cover experimental and theoretical aspects given by distinguished lecturers.

  • Dates: June 24 (Sun.) 〜 June 27 (Wed.), 2018 (Summer School)
    June 27 (Wed.) 〜 June 30 (Sat.) noon, 2018 (International Workshop)
  • Venue: Awaji Yumebutai International Conference Center
    (1 Yumebutai, Awaji, Hyogo 656-2306, Japan)
  • Important dates
    Wed. May 30, 2018: Registration Deadline
    Wed. June 13, 2018: Workshop Abstract Deadline
  • Summer School Lecturers
    Takahisa Arima (Tokyo, Japan)
    Philip Brydon (Otago, NZ)
    Benoît Fauqué (ESPCI Paris, France)
    Alexandre Pourret (CEA Grenoble, France)
    Ilya Sheikin (CNRS Grenoble, France)
    Morgan Trassin (ETH Zürich, Switzerland)
  • Workshop Invited Speakers
    Eric D. Bauer (LANL, USA)
    Paul Canfield (Ames, USA)
    Christoph Geibel (MPI Dresden, Germany)
    Swee Kuan Goh (Hong Kong, China)
    Dariusz Kaczorowski (Wrocław, Poland)
    Yusuke Kousaka (Okayama, Japan)
    M. Brian Maple (UC San Diego, USA)
    Tatsuma D. Matsuda (TMU, Japan)
    Yoshikazu Mizuguchi (TMU, Japan)
    Yasuyuki Nakajima (Central Florida, USA)
    Shigeo Ohara (Nagoya Inst. Tech., Japan)
    Yoshihiko Okamoto (Nagoya, Japan)
    Yoshichika Ōnuki (Ryukyus, Japan)
    Jiří Pospíšil (Charles Univ., Czech Republic)
    Kosmas Prassides (Tohoku, Japan)
    Moise Tchoula Tchokonte (Western Cape, South Africa)
    Arumugam Thamizhavel (Tata Institute, India)
    Jiaqiang Yan (Oak Ridge, USA)
    Hiroyuki Yoshida (Hokkaido, Japan)
  • Presentation
    As part of Summer School and Workshop, we invite poster presentations. (Participants in both meetings can present the same poster.)
    Participants in the Workshop is requested to submit a short abstract (~ 100 words) at the Registration and a long abstract by June 13.
  • Accommodation
    Workshop Hotel:
    The Westin Awaji Island Resort & Conference Center
    Please assign your preferences on the Registration Form.
    Room Rates:
    Sun. June 24 (with two meals) twin ¥11,000 single ¥15,000
    Mon. June 25 (with two meals)  twin ¥11,000 single ¥15,000
    Tue. June 26 (with two meals) twin ¥11,000 single ¥15,000
    Wed. June 27 (with Breakfast) twin ¥8,000 single ¥12,000
    Thu. June 28 (with two meals) twin ¥11,000 single ¥15,000
    Fri. June 29 (with Breakfast) twin ¥8,000 single ¥12,000
    Twin: a twin room shared by two persons.
    Single: a twin/double room used by one person.
    We ask all participants except invited speakers to select “twin”. You can choose “single” if necessary.
  • Excursion:
    Uzushio (Vortex) Cruse and Hokudan Earthquake Memorial Park
    Brochure is here.)
    Date: Wed. June 27, 12:00 Departure
    Fee: ¥5,000
    Lunch Box: ¥1,000 (If you wish.)
  • BBQ Dinner at Sea Aiga:
    Date: Wed. June 27, 18:00 -
    Fee: ¥5,000(Meat/Sea Foods and Drinks)
    A bus service is available departing at 17:00 from the hotel for those who do not attend the excursion.
  • Banquet & Japanese Traditional Puppet Show:
    Date: Fri. June 29, 18:00 -
    Venue: Conference Site
    Fee: ¥6,000

Workshop Abstract

Abstract template is available here. Please send your abstract (a pdf file) as an e-mail attachment by the following deadline.

Deadline: Wednesday, June 13, 2018
Send to: J-Physics Secretariet


Summer School: Program & Abstract Download
International Workshop: Program Download
International Workshop: Abstract Download

Program Overview:

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School & Workshop Poster:

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